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Finance 450 at EMU with Dr. Moeller

Meet Your Teacher
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Dr. Susan Moeller

Professor of Finance
Ph.D. Michigan State University
M.B.A. Michigan State University

436 Gary M. Owen Building
Telephone: 734.487.1009

Area of Expertise
Dr. Moeller teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in corporate finance and in the MASCO MBA Program.

Short Biography
Dr. Moeller joined the EMU finance faculty in 1990. She served as Associate Dean of the College of Business from 1993 to 1996 and as Director of Academic Budget and Operations from 1996 to 2002 reporting to the Provost. In January 2002 she returned to the faculty and teaching. She is the immediate past president of the EMU-AAUP , is a member of its board and a grievance officer. Dr Moeller is also the Faculty Advisor for the Finance Club

Prior to joining EMU, Dr. Moeller taught at Northeastern University in Boston and at the University of Michigan - Flint. Her corporate experience was with Ford Motor Company.

Dr. Moeller has published in the areas of corporate bankruptcy and international finance. She has published in a number of journals including, Journal of International Finance, Journal of Financial and Strategic Decisions, Management International Review, Journal of Applied Business Research and AAII Journal .

Selected Publications
"An Empirical Application of Discriminant Analysis of Political and Economic Risk Variables for Foreign Direct Investment," with Carl McGowan, Journal of Global Business, fall 2003, v14, number 27.

"Physician Recruitment: Understanding What Physicians Want," with Tammy McCullough and Robert Dodge, Health Marketing Quarterly, fall 1999.

A Practical Application of the Foreign Investment Risk Matrix (FIRM) to Country Risk Analysis," with Carl McGowan, Jr., Southwest Review of International Business Research, volume 14, Spring 2003, pp. 199-204.

"Attitudes Toward International Careers: A Survey of Russian Nationals" with Amy Hietapelto and Carl McGowan, Jr., abstract of paper published in Proceedings of Association for Global Business Meeting. November 2002

"Recruiting Incentives: What Physicians Want?" with Tammy McCullough and H. Robert Dodge abstract of paper published in Proceedings of National Health Care Research Conference, March 1996.

Using Logistic Regression of Financial and Political Risk for Country Risk Analysis," Presentation at Financial Management Association Annual Meeting, Denver, October 2003, with Carl McGowan.

"Using Political and Economic Risk Variables for Country Risk Analysis for Foreign Direct Investment," Presentation at Academy of International Business Annual Meeting, Monterey, July 2003, with Carl McGowan .